The ALLDOCK Charger has  overheating protection, which prevents the equipment from being damaged.


Fast loading is enhanced by the latest integrated Qualcomm Quick Charge technology. Your hotel guests can charge their electronic devices even  faster and more efficiently.


The overvoltage protection ensures safe charging of mobile devices.


The ALLDOCK Charging Module is the heart of every ALLDOCK. It offers the latest quick-charge technology, which ensures that your mobile devices are charged quickly and safely.


The cables are made of a flexible, braided textile cover, with an aluminum cable head, for more robustness and flexibility. Due to this high quality material and the careful processing, the cables are extra durable.

The cables support fast charging up to 3 amps.

The tried and tested ALLDOCK system provides all common  connections to charge your mobile devices. Whether Android or Apple, your devices load with ALLDOCK safely and quickly.

ONE HANDClick Adapters

The click-in adapters are plugged from below into the various slots of the ALLDOCK and equipped with a cable of your choice. 


The click-in adapter holds the cable plug upright and at a slight angle, so your mobile devices can be easily plugged into the ALLDOCK for charging with just one hand.

Timeless Design

No Cable Mess


Fast Charger



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