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Medium ALLDOCK Walnut Hotel Blaues Kisse
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Equip the Board Rooms with a new standard and offer your conference guests a unique service.  Business and conference guests are dependent on the constant availability of their mobile devices. We recommend using our 8-port USB towers, which has enough power to charge laptops as well as phones and tablets.


Often up to 3 devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop) running per individual at the same time. These devices need to be recharged as fast as possible throughout the day.



Sick of providing universal travel adapters and cables for guests?  Our beautifully designed in room solutions have the flexibly to cater for all device requirements, while still complimenting a bed side or desk top space.


Integrate ALLDOCK or Luxetech Wireless in every hotel room. We recommend the Small/Medium docks or Wireless Pads. Place the charger on either the desk or bedside table, it will integrate perfectly.

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Equip your lobby, bar, restaurant and executive lounges with ALLDOCK. Offer your guests the ability to charge their smartphone, laptop or tablet at any time without the need for additional power outlets. We recommend the products Large Alldock and our 8-port USB Towers.

The high-quality materials and different designs adapt perfectly to any interior. Due to the direct availability and the short loading times, the guests no longer have to hand in or leave their mobile devices out of their sight. 



Designed with the accomodation sector in mind, the WOODIE HUB is the perfect device charging solution for the most demanding guests. 

Click thru the following catalogue to better understand the way you can reduce in room operating costs

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