With the charging capacity for a single phone this in furniture charging solution is the ultimate personal docking system.

Whether retro fitted into your existing bedside or built to fit it will appeal to all potential clients


Looking for a real WOW factor. This charging integration for any client is a game changer. So many applications, such as kitchen, study nook or even entrance way. 

Charge comfortably 3 portable devices simultaneously 

ONE HANDClick Adapters

The click-in adapters are plugged from below into the various slots of the ALLDOCK and equipped with a cable of your choice. 


The click-in adapter holds the cable plug upright and at a slight angle, so your mobile devices can be easily plugged into the ALLDOCK for charging with just one hand.

Apple MFI Lightning • Micro • C-Type


INTEGRATE offers a total solution - including wireless

Dock either a wireless pad or custom designed wireless powerbank for portable convenience.

We have a plan to develop more and more accessories to compliment the INTEGRATE and build our complete system credentials.

Integrate D I Y

Speak to us about the suite of retail packaged merchandised solutions we have for the INTEGRATE system in DIY. 

Rails, cables and wall chargers all available.

Wall Charger 2.png
kabel mit adapter.223.png