Sometimes you need a smaller more discrete charging solution. Designed specifically for a wireless compatible single phone, this stand is a perfect addition to bedside or desk.   

The way it neatly folds flat, it is a perfect charging accessory for when travelling.  


LuxeTech Power Bank allows you to wirelessly charge the smartphone on the go thanks to the wireless charging qi technology. Thanks to its GIANT 10000mAh internal battery, it assures all your portable devices will stay charged during a busy day. LuxeTech wireless Power Bank also embeds multiple USB ports, thus enabling every device to be charged also with wires.


The LuxeTech Wireless Pad is a beautiful desk top disc solution for any Qi wireless compatible device. High quality finishes to match all elegant surfaces. Fast Charge capable.


The LuxeTech Speaker is the ultimate in Luxe Portal Audio. It’s fine wooden look will compliment any lifestyle. Sound quality is great with 8W of power output and the latest Bluetooth connectivity delivers the functionality you expect.

PORTABLEPower Station

Manufactured to order

This Station has too many features to name! Whether as a back up during power failure or a go to while camping the LuxeTech Multifunction Power Supply has you covered.

Protection including: Shortcircuit/Overload/Over Temp proof

wirelessSolar Powerbank

Manufactured to order

Always have power back up when it is really needed. Shock proof, water proof and solar recharge this wireless powerbank is the ideal companion when exploring the great outdoors. The built-in torch is also a must have.

Single Solar Panel built-in.


Manufactured to order

Never be out of power while carrying the LuxeTech Slimline Powerbank. Its contemporary patterns and fresh pastel design make it an perfect everyday accessory.



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