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The Woodie wireless hub combines a wireless charging pad with 2 universal AC sockets, 2 USB ports and made in Italy premium materials. You can finally charge 5 devices in one without compromising on style. The wireless hub, with its premium wood, marble and aluminium frames will fit any ambient.

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HowIt Works

​iQ Wireless

  • Output 5V / 1A (5W)

  • Efficiency: Up to 80%

  • Qi Wireless Standard (WPC 1.1)

Universal AC Sockets

  • Universal socket with grounding

  • Power rating: 10A / 90-240V

  • 2 power sockets

  • Base cord plug: type B / F / G / I

USB Ports

  • Output: 5V / 3.2A (combined)

  • 2 USB ports

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You will not find another charger on the market that is constructed in such high quality materials. 

Sourced from regions of Italy our timbers and marble complement any luxurious space.  

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